About Us

“It’s ok to feel lost, but it’s time to find yourself and the answers you are seeking- Its time you take control of your own life because if you don’t then someone else will. ”

by Aarti Aneja

More people in your vicinity and around you deal with mental health problems and stress but do not mention it. The utmost cause of this is the stigma that we all still carry around mental and emotional scars and end up avoiding in time treatment and help.

Emotional well-being at both individual and institutional levels is ignored and hence, mental and physical health are of utmost importance and giving ourself time to heal and rejuvenate is now the new urgency. To have an overall healthy being, it is important to give equal attention to both body and soul.

We are here to help you and work along with you on your complete health. A holistic life is only possible when we determine health both mentally and physically.

Our Offerings

Meditation & Relaxation

Practice of mindfulness and meditation is the best way of relieving stress and aiming relaxation for a peaceful and healthy life.

Relationship Therapy

Sometimes a relationship becomes stress than support and there’s more work to remove distress. In times like these it is okay to seek help to bring the light back.

Dealing with Trauma & Anxiety

Understand how to steer your emotions to release anxiety and deal with traumas.

Stress & Healing

To begin the process of healing, understanding stress is one of the most important criteria.


Hypnosis is a very natural process like day dreaming, a pleasant and a relaxed dream. The experience of hypnotherapy is different for different individuals.


Explore the art of mindfulness to maintain a balance between your body, mind and soul by challenging the limits of your conscious mind

Meet Aarti Aneja


A graduate in Business Administration, Aarti worked for many known corporates after which she pursued her dream of being a tattoo artist for more than a decade. She completed the RYT 200 hour of yoga from the Yoga Alliance and ended up doing her masters in yoga with an aim to help others in their journey of mental and physical healing.

In order to reach the minds of people suffering, she knew she needed something more and then became a Clinical hypnotherapist under the banner of IMDHA- USA. Today she successfully has clients all around the globe. Her meditation expertise will help you by taking away your stress and anxiety in just a few sessions. She is currently pursuing Ayurveda to help her clients with diet and nutrition. This will help her by making a complete package for mental, physical and spiritual health.

Aarti believes that with the side effects of modern medicine, it is high time we take the path of natural healing. Her work is her inner calling, her purpose. She is here to help you have a healthy, beautiful, happy and stress-free life in many different ways. Physically or mentally, she designs her services according to your personal needs. She is a practising clinical hypnotherapist, a yoga teacher and a meditation expert, a certified Reiki practitioner and an energy healer who aims at helping anyone who is struggling with mental health or physical issues or stress.